Thank you for supporting permanently affordable homes for Bainbridge Island

We believe that inclusive and affordable housing is the foundation on which to build a more equitable and resilient community. And you do too. We like your company!

Thank you for your sponsorship—and your advocacy. By sharing with your community that you support HRB and affordable housing on Bainbridge Island, you help raise awareness and bring more people into this work.

Let us give you a hand.

How to use the HRB logo

For as long as you are an HRB sponsor, you are welcome to use our special logo created for sponsors. You may use it in your advertisements, on your website, in social media, and wherever else you wish to proclaim your support of HRB and affordable housing. (Please do not use the standard HRB logo without the “Proud supporter” tagline.) For questions, contact Tamar Kupiec, communications director, at

  • Be consistent with color. If you are using a color logo for your own business or that of another organization you support, please also use the color version of ours.
  • Ensure a minimum width of 1.25 inches.
  • Please use the logo as is. Do not alter the typeface, font size, color, or any other aspect of the design.
  • Maintain clear space of 0.25 of the logo size on all sides (e.g., a 2-inch logo requires 0.5 inches of surrounding space).
  • When using the white version over a background image or color, ensure that the logo is legible and distinct.

How to talk about affordable housing

Tell your clients and community that you want to see more affordable housing on Bainbridge Island and why it matters to you. Let them know what aspects of our work you are most excited about and why. People are especially receptive to this message when they hear it from local businesses and people they trust.

Feel free to use these text samples verbatim, mix and match, include them in an email, or use them to inspire some of your own. Be sure to tag us in your Facebook  (@Housing Resources Bainbridge) and Instagram (@housing_resources_bainbridge) posts and direct your readers and customers to our website so that they can learn more.

We’re proud to support @Housing Resources Bainbridge and permanently affordable housing on Bainbridge Island. Join us by investing in this important work and helping to build a more inclusive and equitable community. Learn more at

We’re proud to sponsor the annual HRB fundraiser. Every year this event brings together people who are passionate about creating a more inclusive and healthy community and are eager to do something about it. Be a part of this important and exciting work. Learn more at

Will you join us in supporting affordable housing on Bainbridge Island? Learn how @Housing Resources Bainbridge is creating permanently affordable housing so that our community will always have a place for people of all backgrounds and incomes. Learn more at

We care about community and we support affordable housing. By creating permanently affordable homes, @Housing Resources Bainbridge is building a more equitable and resilient community. Learn more about this important and exciting work at

Social media graphics

Use these graphics, if you’d like, to brighten your posts and emphasize your message.

Please do not use any photographs found on our website or in our communications. We have agreements with our photographers and our photography subjects concerning usage and privacy.

Click on the social media platform of your choice, right click on the image you’d like to use, and select “Save image as…”