The Need

The median home price on Bainbridge Island is almost three times as high as in the rest of Kitsap County. Many of our neighbors are struggling to afford even basic services, and they are leaving. Some are young with families, some are retired or disabled, and many do work that is vital to our community. All but the most affluent newcomers and many who grew up here and dream of returning—people who bring diverse backgrounds, new ideas and energy—are being kept away.

As a provider of affordable housing, HRB counters this displacement, fosters stability, and sustains the social connections across generations, cultures, and classes that strengthen and enliven our community.

Photo courtesy of Joel Sackett

How We Work

We are guided by an ethic of stewardship, working closely with members of the HRB community and caring for the homes in our community land trust.

  • Homeownership. There are 42 homes in our portfolio, with two more under development. We work with prospective buyers, helping them become mortgage ready. And we work with current residents, supporting them in planning for and conducting home maintenance. HRB plays an active role in the homeowner’s association.
  • Rental. We manage 9 properties totaling 103 homes. We support residents, providing temporary emergency rental assistance and other programs.
  • Independent Living. HRB facilitates home repairs and modifications to help older adults and people with disabilities remain in their homes.

Why Housing Matters

Housing is one of the biggest determinants of health and wellbeing. Poor quality homes create hazardous health conditions, such as lead exposure. Families burdened by housing costs have less to spend on healthcare and food. And housing instability disrupts work, school, daycare, and social connection. A child’s neighborhood determines not only present safety and access to quality education and healthcare, but also future earnings, even more so than where they live as an adult.

Closing off a community, such as Bainbridge, with its strong schools and high-quality amenities, to all but the affluent, confines low-income households to areas with greater environmental hazards and crime and inadequate schools. HRB’s affordable, safe, and stable housing helps to reduce childhood poverty and increase economic mobility.

Photo courtesy of Joel Sackett

Photo courtesy of Joel Sackett

A Look Ahead

Consistently, there are more than 30 households that are qualified and waiting or are in the process of qualifying to purchase an HRB home, and over 50 low-income families waiting for an apartment. We are planning two new developments for downtown Winslow, which will provide an additional 30 homes.

 Click here to download a copy of our strategic plan.

Support Affordable Housing

If you would like to build a more equitable and diverse Bainbridge Island, please join our work for affordable housing.

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