Thrive in Place

The Independent Living program works with older adults, people with disabilities, and those coming home to rehab to maintain their independence at home. We assess the home environment and perform modifications and repairs to make it more functional and safe.

We want to see clients continue to live in the homes they love and remain engaged in the communities they’ve built. We call this “thrive in place.”

Home Modifications

As we age, we all experience natural changes in the way we get around our homes and our communities. Home modifications can support a person’s changing needs by making daily activities easier, reducing safety hazards that can lead to accidents, and helping people live independently.

Independent Living staff work with residents and local contractors to provide these health and safety modifications. Services are available free of charge for income-eligible households. HRB also offers this program to households which are not income-eligible on a fee-for-service basis.

Modifications include:

  • Installing grab bars and railings
  • Providing non-slip bathmats
  • Installing ADA toilets
  • Changing out faucets
  • Weatherization repairs
  • Exterior ramps
  • Flooring replacement
  • Lighting improvements
  • Smoke detector updates

How It Works

A successful home modification involves far more than a repair or two, but a careful inventory of the living space and an honest look at personal health and habits. We are at your side through the entire process—from first inquiry to project completion.

Tell us your concerns. Together, we determine if the program can meet your needs. There is no referral or minimum age requirement. You may call for yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member.

We help you document your income to determine eligibility for free services.

Documenting income is not necessary for households participating in the fee-for-service program.

We meet you, with a family member or other representative if you choose, in your home to identify safety hazards and steps we can take to make it functional and safe. Depending on your medical history, we can engage the services of an occupational therapist.

We make a list of proposed improvements for your approval.

We hire licensed and trusted contractors and provide total project management.

While time frames vary from project to project, we work with clients to ensure that their lives are interrupted very little, if at all.

These services are provided free of charge for income-qualified islanders.

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Misty Eberspecher

Independent Living Program Manager

206.842.1909, ext. 18

Independent Living client and Bainbridge photographer, Joel Sackett, has no plans to leave

Joel Sackett and his wife Michiko feel "blessed" to live in the home they bought almost 25 years ago, but the 1984 double-wide mobile home posed a special danger to Michiko who has a chronic respiratory condition and requires a warm and dry living space. Independent Living Program Manager Misty Eberspecher helped with some necessary repairs and surprised the couple with a safety modification they weren't even aware they needed. Read their story here.