Permanently Affordable Homes for Bainbridge Island

Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB) is Bainbridge Island’s only nonprofit affordable housing provider and advocate.

As a community land trust, we own and develop land for permanently affordable housing. By making it possible for people of diverse backgrounds and incomes to live on Bainbridge, we are building a more equitable, inclusive, and healthy community.

Why this work matters

Affordable Homes for Sale at Wintergreen

Thirty-one new affordable homes are on the way and they’re on sale now. Wintergreen Townhomes will be a 73-unit, mixed-income residential community off High School Road. Learn more about these and other homes in the HRB community land trust.

Homes for Rent

HRB offers rental homes at below market rate to income-qualified households. To learn if you are eligible and to be added to our waitlist, read about our program here.

Featured Stories

Does community land trust homeownership keep people poor?

We get asked this all the time. The skeptics want to know. And so do our well-meaning supporters who are concerned that low-income buyers won’t profit, as they might have, from the American dream of homeownership. Read more.

Seeking a safe harbor

An affordable home gave Marsha Cutting peace of mind because even tireless community activists need a place to rest, especially later in life. Read more.

Building Affordable Housing Is an Act of Welcome

When we build housing that’s affordable, we spread the message that everyone who lives and works on Bainbridge belongs here.

In our video we hear from our neighbors who are affected by the housing crisis, how the community came together to help and how HRB is planning for the future.

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