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Building Community Through Housing

Affordable housing.
It’s about all of us.

Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB) is Bainbridge Island’s only nonprofit affordable housing provider and advocate.

As a community land trust, we develop and manage permanently affordable homes, for rent and sale, and steward these resources and land for community good. By making it possible for people of diverse backgrounds and incomes to live on Bainbridge, we are building a more equitable, inclusive, and healthy community.

Why this work matters

Homeownership and Rental Opportunities on Bainbridge Island

HRB offers homes at below market rate to income-qualified households. To learn if you are eligible and to be added to our waitlist, read about our programs here.

Featured Stories

When being independent means asking for help

Thanks to HRB’s Independent Living program, a walk-in tub and grab bars allow one man to retain his independence in a cherished home. Read more.

Friends and neighbors, HRB and Helpline House help residents pursue financial independence

The two nonprofits partner to deliver HRB’s Housing Stabilization Program. HRB provides housing. Helpline House brings social services. Together, they lay a path toward greater earning power. Read more.

Building Affordable Housing Is an Act of Welcome

When we build housing that’s affordable, we spread the message that everyone who lives and works on Bainbridge belongs here.

In our video we hear from our neighbors who are affected by the housing crisis, how the community came together to help and how HRB is planning for the future.

Ready to Take Action?

Support Affordable Housing

If you would like to build a more equitable and diverse Bainbridge Island, please join our work for affordable housing.

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