About our rentals

Housing Resources Bainbridge offers affordable rental units to income-qualified individuals and households. Our rentals are considered affordable because the rent is set below market rate on Bainbridge Island. The rent is fixed and does not change based on your income. You must be able to afford the rent as it is charged.

HRB fills all vacant units from our waitlist.

Waitlist qualifications

To qualify for the waitlist, your income must fall within the ranges below. (An active Section 8 voucher means you are likely qualified.)

Household size Maximum monthly income
before taxes
1 person $5,083
2 people $5,808
3 people $6,533
4 people $7,258
5 people $7,842
6 people $8,421

Different units have different qualifications. Applicants will not be eligible for every units.
Income qualifications based on 0% – 80% of HUD area median income.

Or, contact us to request that a printed copy be mailed to you.

Complete and return the rental waitlist application to HRB by mail, email, or placing it in the lockbox outside of the building.

Complete the application accurately and in its entirety. It is crucial that you provide accurate and complete income and asset information so that you are considered for units for which you qualify.

Wait to hear from HRB. Once we have received your waitlist application, we will review it and let you know if you qualify. When a unit becomes available, we review the applications on our waitlist in the order that they were received to find an applicant who meets the specific unit qualifications. If you are selected, you will be required to provide income verification documents and consent to a background check.

Be aware that it is your responsibility to update us if your income, household size, or contact information change. Please also respond to all HRB communications and inquiries, including annual requests for updates, by the specified deadline. If you do not respond, you will be removed from the waitlist.

Rental properties

HRB has over 40 rental units located in downtown Bainbridge.

Number of bedrooms Square footage Number of units
1 394 – 558 20
2 700 – 827 13
3 953 – 1344 8

It is important to note that because different units have different income limits, applicants will not be eligible for every unit. Rent, which is set by our government funders, changes annually.

Click here to view our entire portfolio of homes for rent and ownership.

Tenant approval process

The tenant approval process only happens when you are being considered for an available unit.

All adults (individuals over the age of 18) must complete the tenant approval process as required by our government funders.

Income qualification. In addition to the initial income qualification, all tenants must complete one yearly.

  • Applicants are required to complete HRB application forms.
  • Applicants are required to provide documentation of all income, assets, and qualifying expenses.

Background check. HRB will consider the following as part of the approval process:

  • Criminal background.
  • Rental history (including payment history, legal notices, and evictions).
  • Credit history (including bankruptcy).

Jessica Campbell

Property & Office Manager

206.842.1909, ext. 12

AJ Channell

Rental Program & Office Coordinator

206.842.1909, ext. 21