Norm Landry, Chair

Norm is a recently retired general superintendent who has worked on Bainbridge Island for local and Northwest construction companies for the past 23 years.  Prior to moving to Bainbridge, he worked for 25 years in heavy civil engineering and Marine construction in Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, Alaska, and the West Coast. One of the many island projects he worked on was the second phase of Ferncliff Village project. It was through that project that he was introduced to the work that HRB was doing in the community. Norm welcomes the opportunity to use his experience and skills to advance the goals of HRB. His hope is to contribute to the ongoing effort to build more affordable and sustainable housing for the community.

Bruce Eremic, Treasurer

Originally from Virginia, Bruce is a long time resident of Bainbridge Island. He moved to the island in 1990 and attended the schools from Wilkes Elementary to Bainbridge High School and is an alumnus of the University of Washington. Having seen Bainbridge Island transform from a heavily wooded county territory to the beautiful and thriving city that it is now, he is a dedicated advocate for affordable housing and sustainable development. He has a strong background in community banking with a career focused on stewardship and support of the community in which he lives and works.

Asaph Glosser, Secretary

Asaph works for a small social policy research firm. His research, largely for federal, state, local, and tribal governments and nonprofit organizations, focuses on issues of economic mobility and family wellbeing. His recent volunteer experience on Bainbridge includes several stints on COBI-appointed committees, including the Island Center Subarea Planning Steering and the Human Services Funding Advisory. Asaph also served as a Commissioner for the Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District. In his free time Asaph spends as much time as possible either in his garden or exploring the beaches, mountains, and forests of the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two sons.

Craig Clark

Originally from California, Craig and his wife moved to Bainbridge Island in 1991. He has been the owner and managing broker of Johanssen- Clark Real Estate since 1993. During Craig’s time on Bainbridge Island, he has seen many changes, including an uptick on the socio-economic level of the island. He feels it is more important than ever to maintain a varied and diversified community and believes in HRB’s mission to do just that.

Stephanie Farquhar

Stephanie Farquhar joined the HRB board in 2019. She is a professor at the University of Washington School of Public Health and a research scientist at Seattle-King County Public Health Department. She works closely with community organizations and public agencies on affordable housing, urban redevelopment without displacement, rural and farmworker health, and policy. Stephanie and her husband, Peter Murchie, devote a lot of energy and time to running races and traveling with their son, Sampson.

Tina Gilbert

A former HRB Board member, Tina is construction project manager and owns OTWB, a local project management consulting firm. She has been in the construction business for 35 years and finds all aspects of it fascinating. She feels housing is a basic element that is required for anyone to succeed. Not of all us are fortunate enough to have this basic need addressed and she wants to do what she can to ensure that everyone on Bainbridge is housed and that those who work here have housing they can afford.

Siri Kushner

Siri grew up on Bainbridge in west Port Madison at a time when there were no backups on 305. She has worked for the Kitsap Public Health District since 2005, starting as an epidemiologist and recently moving into a new role as public health infrastructure division director. She is active with the Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands Association and serves as a board member of the Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center. She lives in central Bainbridge with her husband and two kids. She is honored to be part of HRB and participate in ensuring Bainbridge has a place anyone can call home.

Savanna Rovelstad

Savanna was raised on Bainbridge from the age of three. Watching the island transform from small town to urban city has been eye opening. She came back from Syracuse University to work in theater in Seattle but decided theater was not for her. Children seemed to be where her calling was, so she worked as a preschool teacher on the island for three years. Currently she’s a nanny on the island and also volunteers with the Race Equity Advisory Committee. In her free time Savanna likes to ride her scooter, play with her dog, and go to the beach with her wife. She hopes that she can help make a powerful change for equitable housing.

Tina Song

Tina is a project manager for Clark Construction LLC and is working on a Living Building Challenge house on Bainbridge Island. She has a strong background in estimating & planning in architectural design, for construction, and in lean manufacturing. Her interest is with participatory and innovative approaches to housing needs. She believes that mixed-income, diversity, and multi-generational communities are what makes for a resilient future.

Jane Stone

Jane moved to the island in 1984 and worked as a geotechnical engineer for nearly 30 years.  Most recently she served as executive director of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust, retiring at the end of 2021. Over time she’s seen first-hand the growth and changes on Bainbridge Island, including challenges associated with housing for all. She is excited to help advance the mission of HRB.

Brittany Wisner

Brittany was raised on Bainbridge Island and is a 2009 graduate of Bainbridge High School. She returned to the community in 2016 as the BHS softball coach and joined a local mental health non-profit in 2018, where she is now the program manager. Her work in mental health has made her aware of how critical affordable housing is and how important it is that we prioritize funding for both mental health services and affordable housing.