The struggle to stay

2024-03-14T12:03:37-07:00January 5th, 2024|

As eldercare provider Sam Christy helps her clients age in place, she faces her own struggle to remain on Bainbridge Island, where the cost of housing is prohibitive to those in her profession. Buying an affordable HRB home at Wintergreen would keep her where she belongs.

The beauty and ingenuity of Washington community land trusts

2022-08-29T11:11:16-07:00August 11th, 2022|

Permanent affordability. That’s their beauty. Resale restrictions that limit home prices while allowing the seller to reap the benefits of homeownership. That’s their ingenuity. Hear how four Washington community land trusts are garnering community and government support to grow their land trusts and meet the housing needs of their communities.